What is PHN?

PHN is the token of the first project funding solution that connects projects that need funding with potential funding sources that seek innovative ideas to invest in and help them grow to reach their maximum abilities.


It is a boarder-less solution, where both the projects and the funding providers can be from anywhere in the globe. We simply connect them together,


Only projects with obvious potential and innovative solutions are presented, to encourage leaders and entrepreneurs realize their ideas.


For both parties to the edge, so project makers knows how to correctly present and introduce themselves, and the funding parties can analyze interesting projects.

Telegram: @phillionex

Why Phillionex?

We offer financing solutions and full support for proven projects. Only now that you are thinking about your project and rising it in thr market, someone else likes your idea and fully fund it. Our solution may provide many solutions for people who have ideas and have no funds. We have completed the Phillionex project to remove all the financial problems for people with strong ideas and projects, to strengthen the community together and overcome all the obstacles in our way.


Phillionex is the centralised startup funding marketplace where entrepreneur and investors are brought together in a single hub to interact and evaluate the potentials of any project with respect to viability and funding. The platform will serve as a clearing house, providing a funding exchange and connecting to various fund providers for the benefit of start ups. Every new project will be matched to a potential investor, and if there is a genuine interest to explore the Project further, Phillionex will create the room for such project to be funded by gradually managing the whole process of evaluation by the investor. Phillionex will provide an opportunity for entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to potential fund providers. Investors can view an array of available opportunities and choose which one best suit their investment appetite and risk profile. With Phillionex, investing is made very exciting because even the smallest investor can invest in a portfolio of early growth projects which may have mezzanine capital firms and other financial professionals already invested. Hence, any one prospective project is essentially well analysed and derisked, providing many first-timer investors the opportunity to benefit from the experience of savvy professionals. You can invest with the smallest amount possible, as low as USD50.The Phillionex Platform will also provide the services of experienced coaches who can help entrepreneurs organise their project ideas in a way that is acceptable and attractive to investors. Value proposition What's the value proposition of Phillionex, and how is it different from your typical crowdfunding service? In simple terms, it's a connection point linking to all other service providers who have presented one opportunity or the other to the investing public. So,instead of having to search through several crowdfunding website, Phillionex provides a pool of all resources under one roof for the benefit of both entrepreneurs and investors alike. The Phillion Token The Phillion Token, PHN will serve as the payment token for all service delivered on the Phillion platform. This token will also be listed and traded on some cryptocurrency exchanges to enable accessibility and adoption. In an era where traditional orthodox funding has become inaccessible to many startups, Phillionex will bridge that gap by providing a platform for all in the emerging new economy of crowdfunding. Timeline: We believe that every investment opportunity is unique, with different peculiarities. Hence, in creating this project, the Phillionex team is motivated by the desire to distill all information and data out there, and present it in a way that would be easily understood by all users of the platform. We see this as a great depth of responsibility. The unfolding world of new technology and the opportunities that goes with them requires proper understanding. The Phillionex Platform shall have both a deskstop and a mobile platform for all to use. The Phillionex Project will undergo gradual development and will be launched on 2 February 2020. Thank you. Phillionex Development Team